The Company

slide home 1Phoenix El-Mec  has been founded in March 2013 by former Invensys’s managers.

The scope of the new Company is to  continue the Electromechanical  Timer  business.

Phoenix El-Mec will assure global availability and technical assistance to existing applications and pursue future development through innovation particularly looking to mecatronic.

In  July 2013, Phoenix El-Mec acquired from Invensys the time-switch product MS65 and on the 1st April 2014  signed with Invensys the license agreement for the manufacture and distribution of the program-timer named EC

The agreement includes also the Phoenix’s commitment in providing all plastic moulded parts necessary for the assembly of EC timers. The moulding activity for EC parts as well as  for MS65 components is performed by a parent  company, Elettroplast. It’s  also located in  Paludi closed to the Phoenix plant. It’s a certified traditional Invensys supplier for moulded parts,  supported by former Invensys tecnicians in the moulding of EC and Ms65 parts.

The EC is a reliable electromechanical program-timer worldwide used for several years by the main OEM in the household appliance business in controlling cloth-washers and dish-washers as well as dryers. 

The MS65 is a well-known electromechanical motorized time-switch  used in controlling professional ovens, toasters, deep fryers, steamer cookers, grills, solarium, saunas, heaters, fans, battery chargers and other industrial applications.

The original Invensys  production equipment have been transferred from the Belluno plant of Invensys and installed into the plant of Phoenix El-Mec, located in Paludi of Pieve d’Alpago, few kilometers from Belluno. Production started up in October 2013.

Staff and manpower have been selected  from the structure of the Invensys plant of Belluno.

 Expertising in Developing, Manufacturing and Quality are assured by having recruited the previous Invensys people with yearly skilled know-how in this business. 

In January 2014, Phoenix products have been approved by KEMA and UL/CSA and in April 2014 Quality System conformity UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 has been certified by KIWA.