The manufacturing is performed through two different and independent assembly lines:


Is assembled in one flow semiautomatic assembly line, starts with insert of housing components and ends with release of qualified finished goods ready for delivery.
The operations are a mix of single automatic stations and manual insertions with intermediate checkpoints. The transfer of sub assembled parts are made through a conveyor based on Flex link system on the first part of the line and based on Bosch's pallets system at the second one.
Sub assembled contact-system is totally inspected and automatically loaded at the second line ring. A computerized equipment at the end of the line functionally inspects all timers.


Started by macro subassembly islands preparation.
Motor reduction gearbox, friction, contact box components will flow in the final assembly line.
The subassembly stations are semiautomatic with intermediate functional checkpoints.
Final assembly of the timer is manual, products are 100% functional inspected before packaging